Where to get Medical Cannabis in Toronto?, toronto

Where to get Medical Cannabis in Toronto?

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User: jusin541
Location: 569 Yonge St, Toronto [map]
Phone: 4165463164
Website: https://puffshaven.com

The new recreational Cannabis Dispensary is called Puff, and promises to have a wide range of Cannabis. The store offers more than 40 strains of cannabis, more than 200 types of edibles, and a wide selection of accessories and apparel. There is also a delivery service, and the dispensary offers discounts for seniors and those who are over 60. The business hopes to become an institution in the community. Founded in 2008, the Puff Dispensary is an indoor cannabis retail store. The shop promises a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Its staff is comprised of seasoned executives who have worked in other medical cannabis stores around the world. The products offered are smoked or vaporized, and the store offers a full range of accessories. Many of the products are made in-house, which makes them affordable and easily accessible to the general public.

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