Use The Best (Dimmable LED Downlights) For Your Homes And Offices, toronto

Use The Best (Dimmable LED Downlights) For Your Homes And Offices

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Today we all are very well aware of the led lights that are being used for solving the commercial and lighting results and various types of lights, there are led downlights that are used at homes and offices as well. There are various types of Dimmable LED Downlight Fixtures and among them, you can use eyeball dimmable downlights that have movement of an eyeball making it more special than the normal lights.

You can use Dimmable LED Downlights to enjoy beneath advantages:

● These 5/6’’ LED Downlights to have the lumen output of 1000 lumens and by using these lights 15W; you can replace 100W of any halogen light.
● Comes with the Color Temperature of 3000K and 5000k where 3000k provides warm white or soft white glow with a yellowish hue making it ideal for the living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms bathrooms, etc and 5000K imparts neutral white light-day white light glow ideal for display lighting.
● Works with most of the standard dimmers.
● Use these dimmable downlights instantly without any kind of delay and any buzzing noise or flickering as well.
● These downlights last 25 times longer than halogen lights with the lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.
● Also, these lights are environment-friendly lights and don’t produce any hazardous waste materials and hence are environmentally safe as well.
● These LED Downlights to use the SMD LED chips that are one of the Premium LED chips providing the best results. For this product, the SMD type is 2835.
● Have CRI of more than 70 that helps inaccurately displaying the products.

So use these downlights that come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer’s end so you can rely upon them completely in case of any assistance and help.

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