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Representative services to York U Students seeking housing

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We are Representatives who seek out and connect students with housing opportunities. Based on your interests and price range, etc we will find, negotiate and present you with the best housing opportunities available at the time for homes, townhomes and apartments in areas around York U's campus, such as "The Village" "Four Winds", "Murray Ross" "Fountainhead" etc.

In the past we have represented foreign students, local and long-distance students who are not able to search on their own or have decided to opt out, were not approved for, or could not afford campus residency.

Our fee is a firm 5% on the contract lease price. Please be aware of this as the landlord will be notified and a clause will be added to any contract signed. Applicants must be a STUDENT attending York University.

Applicants please be advised that occupancy is still dependant on a landlord's terms. We are not a landlord to any of the residencies nor do we have any affiliation with them. Upon lease agreement all further transactions will be conducted with the landlord/s.

Our representatives will find you the best housing options they find that best match your application. If housing cannot be found that matches, the most appropriate substitutes will be presented. On average Three housing opportunities will be presented per application. There is no additional fee for requesting further inquiries.

To better process and locate potential housing please give as detailed information as possible:

Name/Nickname/Contact Name:

Method of contact: (email is preferred)


Year of study:

Price Range*:

Minutes/Distance of travel:

How many people (AT MOST) you would like to live with:

Housing location preference: ex. the village, four winds, apartments (fountainhead, fourwinds, murray ross)

Medical or Situational Needs:


8 month or 12 month lease:

Floor preference (mainly for village): ex. basement, main, second, third.

Size of the room (larger room = larger price):

Move in Date/Leaving date:

ANY additional Information that you feel is necessary.

*For price range, please consider 5% fee (per person in the case of groups).
En-suite bathrooms have additional costs to single rooms.
Most locations are all-inclusive (electricity, water, heat/air, internet), however this is not guaranteed. Telephone, is generally NOT included. In most cases Cable is included at least in common areas and negotiable with landlords in rooms.
Pets are generally not allowed with few exceptions.
Some Village houses have coin-operated laundry machines. If you wish to exclude these houses from your results please state so.
Please also be aware of standard lease agreements. You will have to sign a contract. You may be required to pay a deposit/first/last month’s rent up front depending on the landlord’s terms. Payment is almost always done in the form of postdated cheques (checks). Therefore depending on your lease agreement you may have to issue two checks per month (one to the landlord, one to us).

Last Updated: July 27, 2008.

There is approxiametly 1 (one) Month Left before the academic school year begins. Please do not delay and understand that a landlord does NOT have to RESERVE housing without a SIGNED contract (in some cases pending deposit).

contact: [email protected]

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