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In order to bring offshore funds back in to Canada safely, you will need to properly disclose offshore income and assets to CRA or you could face stiff penalties, interest and even criminal prosecution. You can qualify for tax amnesty in these circumstances by submitting a Voluntary Disclosure. You can qualify for tax amnesty in these circumstances: the CRA runs a tax amnesty program called the Voluntary Disclosure Program (“VDP”), and one of its purposes is to allow Canadians to “come clean” about their overseas accounts and income while removing the risk of prosecution, eliminating penalties and sometimes alleviating interest charges.
Our Vancouver Tax lawyers can help you with the process of repatriating your money and bringing you into compliance with the Canadian income tax system by filing a voluntary disclosure on your behalf. A CRA voluntary disclosure submission is primarily a legal tax procedure that can on occasion lead to a tax court battle. To learn more about us, visit our web site, or you can contact us by phone to retain our Toronto tax lawyer services. Here are the contact details.

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