Handicap door installation service, toronto
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Handicap door installation service


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User: UTSGroup
Location: 120 Woodstream Blvd, Unit 16, Toronto [map]
Phone: 1-888-205-4036
Website: http://www.utsgroup.ca

UTS Group provides professional handicap doors installation, repair
and maintenance services in GTA region. Our team of trained and
experienced professionals can install handicap door at any commercial
location like retail outlets, offices, shops, hospitals and
restaurants etc.

Handicap doors have been in the market for a long time now, and
business owners have realised their impact on the business. These
doors are a welcoming gesture for those who need them. If one thinks
of an aged person, or a child or a person with a temporary disability
like a fracture in the arm, we would realise they are very
facilitating and helpful. With so much competition in the market, such
small enhancements in the customer experience at your business premise
can help you beat competitors. Handicap doors have become a necessity
not just at commercial locations but also at residential locations
now. With improvements in technology the cost of up keeping an
automatic door has come down considerably, and they have become a
viable option even at home. With the aged population of Canada
gaining numbers these doors have already become a basic requirement in
many Canadian homes. Another place where handicap doors have made
their importance felt are the public washrooms. Public toilets cater
to a lot of people, and some of them may face trouble accessing it.
Children, aged, or disabled people may need assistance to access the
public toilet facilities, but a handicap door can make a huge
difference for such people. Handicap doors provide comfort,
convenience and independence to customers who need them.

Our technicians are trained to install handicap doors at all kinds of
location and business spaces. We can make installations and repair
without causing any disruption of work.

call us today for a free site visit at 1-888-205-4036 or visit our website https://utsgroup.ca/automatic-handicap-doors/ for more information.

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