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Buy (T8 LED Integrated Tube) For Lower Operational Cost

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Every time you don’t need to pay higher operational cost while installing the lights at the commercial or residential places assuming that it’s the only way to enjoy the illumination and you have to bear it. You are totally wrong, if you think that way, especially in case of using LED Integrated Tubes that have relatively much lower operational cost as compared to the traditional tubes. If you also want to reduce the expenses, you can use a T8 LED Integrated Tube Light Fixture at your place.

Other advantages of using T8 LED Integrated Tube are as follows:

● The LED Integrated Tube comes in various different sizes including 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft and if you choose 8ft 60w light, you can enjoy higher lumen efficiency of 7800 lumens.
● These lights start instantly without any flicker or humming sound as well that is mostly observed in case of using the fluorescent tubes.
● This tube is designed to last for more than 50,000 hours and it’s due to innovation in the led lighting technology.
● If you replace 60w integrated tube with 160w of traditional light, you can make savings of higher than 75%.
● The heat sink allows the tubes to remain sufficiently cooler when used for more number of hours as well.
● Make the objects and places look more real and natural with the help of greater CRI of more than 80 of these integrated tubes.
● Contain no mercury and halogen inside them.

You can enjoy hassle-free lighting post installing this tube that can make the operation and maintenance much simple and cost-effective.

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