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Do you experience constant scratching or chirping sound of bird above your bathroom ceiling or in the exhaust vent? Areas such as roofs, balconies, machinery, ventilation system and loft are ideal place for the birds especially starlings and sparrows to build their nest and grow their young ones.

But there are many concerns associated with bird nesting like dropping of babies. These dropping can completely damage the building or equipments and create an unsanitary environment. This can lead to corrosion of the surface as the dropping is acidic in nature. Even the ventilation system is vulnerable to damage resulting in expensive repair. Second problem is the ill timed peeping and constant chirping of the baby birds especially in early morning hours. Even this bird nesting on ventilators can block the pipe as well as spread unpleasant odor in the building.

We at Dust Chasers provide best services for bird nest removal in Toronto. Our law abiding services are not only important for improving the aesthetic appearance of your home but also to eliminate the risk of health related problems. Our executives are fully trained to remove bird nests, clean and sanitize the affected area. Only when the bird has left her nest and the baby birds are fully grown up, then only we remove the nest. We also change the surface of the place so that no other bird rebuilds her nest at the same place.

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