Bauer Vapor SFL XX Hockey Skates

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Location: Markham & Steeles, Toronto [map]

Bauer Hockey Skates (US7.5/UK6.5)

Boot Construction: Thermoformed, RIBBED quarters and patented MONOSTRUCTURE quarters with red FLEX NOTCH. Provide stability and protection at a fraction of the weight of traditionally constructed skates and works to increase forward flex at the key flexion point to maximize range of motion in each stride.

Heat Moldable: THERMOFORMABLE materials. Mold the boot to the shape of your foot for the optimal fit.

Ankle Support: Patented PRO-INTEGRATED ANATOMICAL HEEL/ANKLE SUPPORT with LIGHTWEIGHT INSTA-FORM+ ankle pads. Provides consistent, durable fit and support while immediately molding to the contours of the ankle.

Outsole: PRO-8 beveled full composite outsole. Provides tighter turning ability and maximum energy transfer at a significantly reduced weight.

Tongue: Molded anatomical FORWARD FLEX tongue with high-density metatarsal guard. Provides lightweight comfort and protection against lace bite.

Toe Cap: PU-COATED, TWISTED LIGHT toe tip package. Has 3 times more cut-resistant than traditional ballistic nylon packages.

Blade Holder: TUUK LIGHTSPEED holder. Optimizes vertical rise and minimizes weight for improved thrust and tighter turns while maintaining the proven feel of TUUK.

Runner: LIGHTSPEED PERF stainless steel. Minimizes weight while performing to the standards of TUUK CUSTOM+ stainless.

Note: This is a used pair of skates, the blades were replaced a few months ago.

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